Elizabeth Harlow, founder of the firm Harlow Designs, LLC 1991,

spent her childhood in Houston,Texas where her mother

witnessed her early passions for interior design. Her

childhood bedroom was a gateway to a newly designed space,

again and again and again.


Elizabeth is a graduate of Pepperdine University Malibu, California

and Florence, Italy locations and continued her education at The New

York School of Interior Design, NYC.  She is currently enrolled in the

certificate program for Art and Antique Appraising at NYU.


The firm is equipped with amazing resources and thrilled

to create today’s wining combinations.

She has worked with such prestigious firms as

VB Designs, Inc.and Jerrett Hedborg in Los Angeles,

California, designing for The Four Seasons

Hotels and Hollywood royalty. Whether it is a beautiful

great room rug that brings the warm flow to your spaces,

or a sky light in the stairwell, they are all integral

elements tying your world together with a calm rationale.



Resources of painters, carpenters, builders, landscapers, electricians, AV specialists,
humidor and wine cellars specialists, masons,
wood finishing houses, upholsterers,
and more.

The lastest in tile, wood, plaster, cabinetry,
stone, and more.

Plans are presented and followed once