Home Staging




Stage a home.
Sell the home.

Professionally staged homes are powerful. They provide warm inviting canvases for potential buyers. When the visitor can picture themselves in the environment, a great connection is made. That connection makes your sale that much easier.

45-day sell-throughs and bid counter offers are what staged homes have contributed to this tough market. These results have more than covered the initial investments.


Setting that stage in an inviting and warm, allows the buyer to paint their own picture while touring their new potential home.

At Harlow Designs we can consult leaving you with a do-it-yourself check list or stage fully at an hourly rate. Other expenses could be the renting of needed bigger fixtures and furniture, while the smaller pieces might be more economical to purchase. You get a scope of these needs prior to ordering.

And remember that you cannot get a home equity line of credit to make improvements once you have already signed with a real estate broker. So get the stager in before putting your most valued asset on the market.



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